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Where we are more than just a store; but a haven for handcrafted beauty and a vocal advocate for local artists and artisans.

Dylan Rose Carr Bracelets

My name is @dylanrosecarr, I am a freshman at the @methighschool in Newport. I am doing a project for school about the healthcare system. I was recently diagnosed with a rare genetic syndrome called KBG Syndrome. So as part of my project, I am making magnets and bracelets to sell at Honey Gallery to raise money for the charity @everylinkmattersco “Every Link Matters was created to raise awareness and funds for children who have been diagnosed and their families who need help with medical and therapy expenses.” You can visit their website to learn more about KBG Syndrome and donate directly.


A Unique Collection, Handmade By A Local Artisan, Delivered To Your Door

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Elevate Your Kitchen with the Allure of Hand Blown Glass

Our Honey Gallery is all about transforming your space into a gorgeous home extension that mirrors your personal design vision and love for decor. This is what makes us excited to show you the astonishing and hand blown glass that we have. Each of them is a wonderful product, of a creative masterpiece that embodies the talent of the best artisans who pour their expertise into the molten glass.

A hand blown glass is not simply cupboard pots for the kitchen. This is indeed a reflection of human ingenuity and a celebration of ancient craftsmanship. Unlike in mass production, our collections are hand-made. Every piece is unique in its shape, color, and texture. These flaws give uniqueness to the hand blown glass, show its individuality and provide a narrative to your kitchen.

Our curated selection offers a diverse range of hand blown glass pieces to enhance your culinary experience:

Hand blown glass goes beyond its utilitarian functions. These pieces have the power to attract, as they have mesmeric forms and interesting light effects. Imagine having guests around admiring the artistic finesse displayed on your shelves and tables.

These hand blown glass pieces are not simply a beautiful thing, but also an investment. These pieces are the ones that stay and are formed with skills that have already been introduced and passed down through generations. With the right attention to detail, they can then be considered a favorite inherited family heirloom that will be treasured and handed down for numerous generations.

Honey Gallery is where we merge our passion of loving hand crafted glass with your living space. Browse through our collections for items that you like. We would like to welcome you to the fun of the hand blown glass and to make your kitchen a place that showcases your love for beauty and craftsmanship.

Let us lead the way to make your kitchen a place of art and elegance. Discover our exquisite world of hand blown glass today by visiting our shop!

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Experience the Gentle Luxury Our Collection of Natural Soap Offers

Honey Gallery knows that there is only one way to take care of your skin externally, and that is to use the best products all the time. Hence, we are proud to present a collection of our handmade natural soaps that are meant to cleanse, nourish, and rejuvenate your skin naturally without the presence of harmful chemicals.

Our handcrafted natural soaps are a breakthrough from the mechanical and synthetic cleansers that normally drain your skin from the natural oils that it produces. They are made with natural, wholesome ingredients such as nourishing plant oils, soothing butters, and nutritious essential oils. It is this non-abrasive method that sets it apart, leaving your skin soft and silky, as well as perfectly balanced.

Unlike the soaps commercially produced, the handmade soap bars are made in small batches, by talented artisans. Traditionally handcrafted soap making, often called the cold process technique, in addition, keeps natural glycerine, a humectant that pulls water towards the skin. With all of the saponified ingredients, you will be able to create a lush lathering soap that has lots of cleaning power while still leaving your skin feeling decadent and pampered.

Honey Gallery’s natural soap collection comes in aromatic scents and provides skin type-specific benefits to give you your desired skin preferences. Experience tangy-smelling peppermint and citrus soaps that are a great way to get your day started. Find comfort in our deep moisturizing bars which are infused with shea butter and cacao butter. These natural soaps are specially formulated for people with dry or sensitive skin.

Choosing natural soap is not simply about the health of your skin but also a perfect way to preserve the environment. Many soap brands create products with artificial components and strong chemicals that wreak havoc on our water ecosystems. In contrast, our soaps made from natural substances have biodegradable materials and do not contain these harmful additives so they are the ethical choice for the consumer who is concerned about the environment.

We invite you to come and try out the superiority of natural soap for your skin. Explore our diverse selection of our handcrafted soaps online or visit our store to experience a world of thoughtfully made soaps for your skin and the natural environment. Honey Gallery’s natural soaps will have you feeling clean, cared for, and naturally glowing.

Upgrade your skincare regime with the beneficial luxury of nature soap from Honey Gallery. Visit our website and buy one of our artisanal soaps to enhance your everyday bathing routine. Indeed, your skin will be very grateful!


Adorn Yourself with Uniqueness: Honey Gallery's Artisan Jewelry Collection

Embrace Handcrafted Beauty: Explore Our Collection of Handmade Pottery and Ceramics

Elegant Vases

Display the bouquets of fresh flowers in unique handcrafted vases. The glass swirls and patterns within the glass will add a taste of art to your countertop.

Luminous Bowls

Serve salads, fruits, or desserts in elegant hand blown bowls. Translucent glass allows food to be seen in its most natural form.

Timeless Pitchers

A great way to catch attention is to have a pitcher handmade for serving beverages. Imagine the one-of-a-kind dialogue when you tell everyone you brought this unusual artifact to the table!

Whimsical Oil Cruets

Make your table look playful with a hand blown oil cruet. The artistic design provides you with a splash of fun while you are dining.

We at Honey Gallery are dedicated to creating a gallery that celebrates the artful, functional, and extraordinary through unique handmade pieces. From captivating serving dishes to fashionable tote bags, our handmade collection has an irresistible gift for each corner of your life.

Whether you want to own a handmade pottery crockery, the convenience of using ceramic cookware, the trendy versatility of a tote bag, or the abundance of more unique handcrafted items, Honey Gallery has just the right products for you. We are the advocates of talented artisans. We believe in them and we connect them to your doorstep. Every item evokes the essence of leisurely living and deliberate purchasing behavior, thus you can relish the aesthetics and virtues of well-made products. Take a tour of our store or shop online to learn about today’s handmade movement.

A Touch of Earthly Elegance

Honey Gallery’s handmade pottery collection is a testament to the everlasting elegance and purposefulness of art crafted with clay. Each piece is carefully made from natural clay, it is formed by skillful hands on the potter’s wheel. It is the built-in variety of texture and shape that adds the flavor of exclusivity to every mug, bowl, and vase. They give an earthy elegance to your home while you are using them and even when they are just there.

Beyond Functionality

Find out beautiful handmade ceramics such as plates and platters that perfectly suit your culinary works. Discover whimsical tea cups and saucers suitable for a quiet afternoon tea. Every piece reflects the capability of ceramic art to fuse functionality with aesthetic excitement.

A Stylish and Sustainable Statement

We offer a curated range of handmade bags that are both fashionable and eco-friendly. Try wonderful handmade totes, ideal for keeping your daily essentials in a reusable and eco-friendly way. Uncover stunningly handcrafted bags made of organic materials to enhance the character of your wardrobe.

Celebrate Every Occasion with the Elegance of Handmade Cards

In today’s fast-paced digital world, receiving a handwritten message or a passionate card is undoubtedly lovely. Such a gift visually represents care and connection, making it go beyond the momentary nature of a text message or an email. At Honey Gallery, we value the power of the handwritten word; consequently, our collection of handmade cards features a range of beautiful greeting cards handcrafted by various artists.

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